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news code : 145397  |  event date : 9/17/2018
According to the public relations bureau of the post company, Mr.Ahmadi put emphasis on point that different distribution channels of cultural and artistic products have always been a challenge fo ...
news code : 142676  |  event date : 7/21/2018
The High Executive Council (EC) of the APPU ended with several effective proposals for the UPU Extraordinary Congress in September.
news code : 142771  |  event date : 7/24/2018
Communication and information technology is the main driver for the utility of tools, practices, economics, culture, politics and many other social components
news code : 142673  |  event date : 7/21/2018
Deputy Minister and the CEO of the National Post Company of Iran met with the Secretary General of the Universal Postal Union...
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