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news code : 134630  |  event date : 1/15/2018
According a report by public relations bureau of the post company, Mr. Nemati, Deputy Minister of communications, chairman of the Board and CEO of the National Post Company of Iran stated since it ...
news code : 134626  |  event date : 1/15/2018
According to the Public Relations Bureau of the National Post Company:
Members of the Parliament's Committee on Industry and Minerals, while visiting the post mechanized building, were informed of the latest developments and achievements of the company.
In a meeting in Zabol Post, the Chairman of the Board said: The basic element of the Post Company success is consideration to the Market & Customers needs 
news code : 133439  |  event date : 12/16/2017
Deputy Minister, Chairman of the board and Managing Director of the National Post Company on his first Provincial journey to Sistan & Baloochestan Post said: providing Postal Services with improve ...
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