10-Digit postal codes

          Each and every place must enjoy an exclusive number thereof. The existing residential and business buildings; however, have so far had numbers simply at use accompanied by the full conventional addresses whose changes, in turn, add to the regarding problems. Besides, a number of state-run service companies had their own system of numbering the places that led to confusions as well.

          Although the application of five-digit postal codes expedited the distribution process, the need to write down the address was not totally removed.

          That was why the expert brainstorming concluded five other figures be added to the five-digit postal codes so that all residential, administrative and business buildings would enjoy a sole, exclusive code.

          As the parliament ratified in 1997 that every Iranian national should have a national ID number and postal code, using a ten-digit postal code was legalized aiming at meeting two objectives.

          Firstly, to replace all the municipality, water, power and gas company numbers with the ten-digit postal codes.

          And, secondly, to standardize the addresses in personal and administrative correspondence.

          In order to know your own as well as your receiver’s ten-digit postal code, you can dial 140 throughout the country.

          Increase precision and speed in postal operations via using postal codes.

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