EMS (Pishtaz Post)

          Modern economic activities and life relies on speedy and quality postal services. Launching EMS (Pishtaz Post), IRI Post Co. nicely met the need of people and trade companies as well.

          Pishtaz Post is the fastest postal service all of whose operations from acceptance to distribution within and across the borders are done asap. Presently, the mail accepted in Tehran heading for the provincial capitals and over 100 cities are delivered in a day.

          To improve and expedite Pishtaz Post service, the customers should take the following hints into account:

          1. Writing down the postal code secures speedier and more precise postal operations

          2. Wrapping the parcels properly protects the contents against damage.

          3.In case the mail is insured, the loss is indemnified in accordance with the claimed value. The uninsured items are treated according to the regulations related to the postage charges.

          4. In case the receiver is not at the address for two times, the mail is kept at the destination for five days, and then returned to the sender’s address.

          5. Write down the addresses legibly and completely (along with the receiver’s phone number).

          6. To know about the delivery time, consult the timetable installed at the post offices.

          7. If the parcel contains securities or other precious items, the customers must use the insured Pishtaz Post service.

          8. In case there was no access to the receiver addressed at state-run, military, educational and residential centers, the mail is delivered to the secretariat or the representative specified.

          9. In order to know about the destiny of the mail, the customers can refer to the original post office a day after the acceptance up to three months later.

          10. You can track your mail on the company’s website addressed at

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